Commission Process

I am taking a certain number of commissions each month.  Because of the extra time that goes into making sure you, the client, are totally happy with the piece, commissions cost 15% more than the price of my regular paintings.  Here is my process for commissions:

  • First, use the Contact tab to email me with answers to the following questions

    • What size of painting would you like to commission?

    • What orientation (landscape, portrait or square)?

    • Please attach 1-3 photos of the colors you are interested in including (e.g., paint samples, fabric samples and a picture of the room the painting will be placed).

    • Please attach 1-3 images of your favorite paintings of mine!

    • Feel free to include any other notes, inspiration, details.

    • Before I paint, I set an intention to focus on and channel my energy for the recipient. Please let me know if there is a particular intention that resonates with you or if you’d like me to set one an tell you later. In other words, what do you want more of in this life?

  • Once we confirm the price and size of the painting, I will send you a contract as well as a PayPal invoice to collect the deposit for the painting (no need for a PayPal account; you can pay with your bank account or credit card). A deposit of 50% of the total is required to begin.

  • I will be in touch with you throughout the process to get your thoughts and infuse anything else you may like into your painting.

  • Upon shipping, I will invoice the other half plus shipping and handling.

  • Pick-up available for the Atlanta Area. Shipping and handling costs vary by carrier and zip code and is added to the total price once shipping is calculated by the carrier.

Sizing & Pricing

48” x 72” $4,150 (custom commission $4,750)

48” x 60” $3,450 (custom commission $3,950)

36” x 72” $3,150 (custom commission $3600)

48” x 48”       $2,850 (custom commission $3,275)

30” x 60” $2,250 (custom commission $2575)

36” x 48”       $2,200 (custom commission $2,525)

 24” x 48”      $1,500 (custom commission $1,725)

 30” x 30” $1,150 (custom commission $1300)

24” x 36”       $1,100 (custom commission $1250)

 24” x 24”      $850 (custom commission $975)

 18” x 24”      $750 (custom commission $850)

 16” x 20”      $650 (custom commission $725)

 11” x 14”       $375 (custom commission $425)

 12” x 12”      $350 (custom commission $400)

* Other custom sizes available, inquire using the “Contact" tab. 

* Diptych and Triptych paintings also available


All sales are final. If for some reason we cannot agree on your final painting, you may use your initial deposit as a store credit towards a ready-made painting on my website.

* I cannot promise replications due to the nature of abstract painting and my evolving style. However, I want to create a piece that you will love forever so I will absolutely do my best to work with you to make this happen!