I'm an artist learning each day the process of how we live, how we love and how we grieve after the unexpected passing of my 8-month old daughter, Everly. 

Everly is and always will be my biggest inspiration. My best work.

Sales from each painting goes toward our adoption fund. This is an exciting journey we are on and the next step in our healing.

Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser

Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser

153 million minus 1:

There are 153 Million children worldwide that are orphans according to UNICEF statistics. When Josh and I set out to design the T-shirt for our adoption fundraiser, it was suggested to us to look up this statistic. We wanted our shirt design to provoke conversation around this staggering statistic and get people thinking. We knew we wanted something subtle but powerful and truthfully, something everyone would actually want to wear. The shirts are hand picked for quality and softness and the bag and bottles are thoughtfully curated for quality and durability.

This slogan of 153 million minus 1 (our baby) hopefully brings light to this cause and strikes up conversations with strangers each time you proudly wear it. We hope you wear it and tell our story to anyone and everyone who asks. We are choosing to launch this fundraiser around the one year anniversary of Everly’s death and can’t think of a better way to support us through this difficult time than to support this fundraiser towards our adoption. Thank you all so much for walking through this journey with us. We are so thankful.

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