From Ashes to Art. In life, we all have our own process. We have our own process in how we love, how we grieve, how we live. My process when I create my art comes from breath and healing.

I meditate to center myself and channel my energy before pouring it onto the canvas: both literally and figuratively.  I combine my love of yoga and breath work while painting and use only my breath to move the paint instead of traditional paintbrushes.  I call this technique Prana Painting; my work has healing frequencies infused because of the sheer power of intention pouring out through my breath.  The frequency of the intention I hold while painting is carried vibrationally through my breath onto the canvas making the pieces visually stimulating, bringing a unique energy to each piece.

The medium is diluted acrylic on wood panels.   After meditating, I begin by putting several layers of paint, creating depth and different textures within each piece.  I finish each piece with an epoxy resin protective coating then hand cure them with fire. Once the resin dries, I sometimes embellish each piece with pointillism while holding an intention set for the client.

I ask my clients to gather water, earth and flora from special places they hold near and dear to them in order to commemorate the memory of that place. The elements go into the paintings and are forever captured for the client to enjoy. I also offer my services to the bereaved by using the ashes of loved ones in a painting in order to commemorate their love for them in a beautiful work of art.

Love, breath and peace is drawn in and exhaled into each and every piece of art.

Our homes are special places that hold a lot of energy.  If there is a certain intention you would like me to set and breathe into your painting, please let me know.